CNC Routers Manufactures

Unlike other companies, wood router makers manufactures only the best possible value CNC routers at their ISO certified factory, which ensures high-quality construction. But, do you know this company manufactures their CNC routers? is the best in the field for a reason. Here’s how this company manufactures their CNC router:

Stress Relieved Frames

The frames basically range from six to ten millimeters in thickness depending on a particular model. When the raw material was cut to length, the frame is jig welded together. The process of welding introduces high frequency stress into the frames. If such stresses will remain on the frame, it will distort and twist after the machine was assembled. is also one of the several manufacturers of CNC routers in Canada to have their frames stress relieved in a professional manner. The whole frame is heated to about nine hundred degrees Celsius and will held at that mentioned temperature for twelve hours. After that, the furnace will be turned off and the frame will be cooled down slowly, which will get rid of the stress.

Precision Machining

Once done with the heat treatment, the frame will be taken to the CNC machining center. At this CNC machining center, the precision machines the bed linear guide way and surface in a setting. The advantage of machining the whole frame after heat treatment is that the procedure can be done at once. This ensures that each important surface on the machine is square and parallel perfectly. Besides, CNC routers can cut as accurately as it’s manufactured.


After that, the finished frame will be moved to the paint shop where it’s prepared carefully for spray painting. This frame is primed first with red oxide etch primer before the last paint is applied. Paint will also be applied outside and inside of the frames of the CNC routers.

Laser Alignment

Precision rack and linear guideways are aligned with CNC machined shoulders on the frame. After this, the gantry will be squared to frame with the use of the newest laser alignment technology, which results to a sturdy machine that will surely deliver accuracy and strength.

CNC Customization

With the frame aligned and prepared, customizes the CNC routers for your particular application. Choose from a range of the table surfaces, spindle options and motor, and vacuum pumps as well as dust collectors. In addition to that, each of the machines comes with a stylish cabinet along with CAD software that is free of charge.

The process of manufacturing the CNC routers at is a bit sophisticated, yet all of their workers ensure that each step will be in accordance to their quality standards. This is the reason why they guarantee high quality CNC routers. Aside from offering quality CNC routers, they are also available at affordable prices. This just means that you will also save money once you buy CNC routers at So, if you’re looking for the best CNC routers, choose

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